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  • The Fore-front of Technology

    Effecient and stable systems ONLY! We've hand picked our server, our software, our trackers! You can use OTHER company trackers on our site. You can track your MOBILE on our site! No more bragging...

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  • Our Server

    Servers with 99% uptime. We get emails & sms's incase our server is not accessible (automatically!). WHY? For you! Just for you!

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  • Automation (NEW!)

    Get alerts for:

    • +Vehicle leaving the main road?
    • +Vehicle moving AFTER 8pm, or on th e weekend?
    • +Vehicle ARRIVED or DEPARTED a particlar location?

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The Best

Stable software, utilizing Google Maps, GeoNames, and other popular products to make ours the BEST!

Purpose Driven

Keep your vehicles, loved ones and phones safe! We're doing our best to make sure our system has an uptime of 99%!


The goal on this project is not ONLY profit! We've got one of the most affordable rates in Kenya!

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Track on your cellphone!

  • See the most recent GPS position of the device on Google Maps
  • Send messages from your android phone or tablet to devices by SMS
  • See the last known speed, status and location
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"Just what we needed! Excellent app! Thanks for this! [...] Great idea having the preset Messages saved for SMS commands for different GPS trackers!" - A Google User

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Packed Full of Powerful Features

It's not all techie stuff! It's USERFUL! Address/Road names, GeoZone (labels for locations), Email Alerts, Reports, Reports in HTML, CSV, or even by EMAIL!

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